Selling currency: GBP

Buyer commission 24%

IVA without hammer: 20% - IVA without buyer premium 20%

Please ensure winning bids are paid by 5pm the day after receiving the payment request.

If you don't do this, your winning items may be reassigned to a new auction.

• All lots are subject to a Buyer's Premium (BP) which is displayed on the auction catalog page as well as on each lot's page

• VAT is always applicable to BP; Each batch states whether VAT is due on the hammer price

• A fee of £10 applies to payments from outside the UK

• Payment methods are bank transfer, debit or credit card through I-bidder. We do not accept checks, telephone payments, American Express or Diners Club cards.

• Bank surcharges may apply to your chosen payment method.

• We do not accept card payments over £100, amounts over £100 must be paid by bank transfer

• Please note that late payment fees may apply. Non-payment for the goods can also lead to the prevention of future bids.

  • These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions for sellers, bidders and buyers to whom we allocate Lots for sale. You must therefore read them carefully before engaging us to sell any Goods or before placing a bid on any Goods, as they are binding on you when we approve your order to sell or place a bid.

    1. The terms of this contract shall be construed as follows:

    1.1'We / We' are auctioneers by Alexandre Aurélio

    1.2"You" are the customer (you can be a bidder, buyer or seller).

    1.3The “Seller” is the person who has offered the Goods for sale to the Auctioneer and has legal and beneficial ownership of the Goods specified in the Lot and/or any agent authorized to act on their behalf.

    1.4 "The Bidder" is the person who successfully bids for an Object, whether at a public auction or a private sale.

    1.5 “Bid” means an attempt to purchase a Lot in accordance with these Terms, made by a Buyer.

    1.6“a Bidder” refers to any Bidder, whether successful or not.

    1.7 “Auction” means a public or private sale in which the Auctioneer sells Goods belonging to the Seller to the highest bidder;

    1.8 "Buyer's premium" means a buyer's premium of 24%, unless otherwise stated, accruing on the hammer price of all lots.

    1.9 "Holding Price" is the highest bid accepted by us.

    1.10"Goods" means items submitted by a Seller for Auction (either an item or a set or group of items).

    1.11 “Lot” means any Goods sold in an Auction.

    1.12 “Business Day” means each day on which our department and our auctions are open for business

    1.13 “VAT” means VAT at the [current rate] of the Lot Price, unless otherwise stated;

    To the extent that these requirements are incompatible with certain special conditions,

    The special provisions apply under the conditions provided or indicated in the auction catalog or communicated in the auction.

    2. Special provisions for bids and purchases

    2.1 If a Buyer makes an offer to purchase Lots, the Buyer must complete the deal by providing:

    (a) your bid has been accepted as the winning bidder for the lot; as soon as the auction for this lot is closed;

    (b) Your bid amount is at least equal to or greater than the reserve price set by the seller for the lot (if any).

    2.2 The buyer can only terminate the contract of sale for the lot if the goods belonging to the lot do not substantially correspond to what is stated in the auction catalog about them and this must be reported to the seller and the auctioneer as soon as possible and without delay, in any case within 10 days after Receipt of goods.

    1. Alexander Aurelius Auctioneers would not be held responsible for misleading representations that go well beyond the key items and content such as [a pair of shoes, a toaster, a watch]

    2. Buyers or prospective buyers acknowledge that any definition outside of the physical characteristics of a lot, including but not limited to age, provenance, condition, brand, and all other descriptions outside of the physical characteristics are the exclusive opinion. Any batch with no indication of condition does not mean that the batch is defect-free.

    3. No oral or written description of any lot supplied prior to sale should be taken as representing reality outside of the lot's visual and physical characteristics.

    2.3 The submission of a bid entitles the auctioneer and any buyer to invoke the offer as a legitimate offer to purchase the goods contained in the lot.

    2.4 The bidder is permitted to inspect the lots. The bidder must email the auctioneer at if they wish to view the lots. In order to arrange an appointment for the exhibition of a lot, the buyer must give the auctioneer at least 24 hours' notice. Please note that the auctioneer does not guarantee that lots will be displayed within the last 24 hours of the sale. A refundable deposit may be required to allow viewing of lots at the auctioneers discretion.

    2.5 All details of a lot must be submitted by email, either via the inquiry form for each lot or by emailing Prospective bidders must register for details of a lot for an auction.

    3. Holding an auction

    3.1 Unless otherwise stated in the auction catalogue, all lots can be provided with a minimum bid that is binding for all bidders and is determined by the consignor.

    3.2 The auctioneer can reject a bid or refuse to accept a bid from a natural person at any time;

    3.3 The auctioneer may offer or withhold a minimum price at any time.

    3.4 Unless otherwise stated in the auction catalogue, the seller or his agent, or the auctioneer on his behalf, may bid for any lot.

    3.5 The auctioneer may remove, split or combine lots at any time before the bid is accepted.

    3.6 The auctioneer may declare the bidder who submits the highest bid for any lot before the end of the auction to be the winner.

    3.7 If a bidder submits a bid within 10 minutes or less of the end of the auction, the auctioneer has the option to immediately extend the time within which the bid for a lot is submitted by ten (10) minutes.

    3.8 The success or failure of a bid is at the sole discretion of the auctioneer. The auctioneer can decide whether there is a disagreement between bidders, disputes about what the final bid is or whether an auction has been completed, and if so, at what price, summarizing; or in any event immediately put the lot up for sale again without offering any purpose.

    3.9 The auctioneer initially decides without being asked how the auction will be carried out.

    3.10 The Auctioneer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any bid it deems to be of unfair value.

    3.11 We cannot be held responsible for errors on the website, problems with registration / acceptance of bids.

    3.12 The definition of the items must take precedence over the numbers. If original photos cannot be integrated, we reserve the right to use stock/catalogue images. If you are bidding on an item with only a stock image, you should be careful as the colors and sizes of an item may differ from the item being sold. No guarantee is given.

    4. After sale

    4.1 Once the auctioneer has announced the auction for a lot to be closed and lot to be sold, the buyer must promptly arrange for payment by direct transfer to the bank account specified by the auctioneer (details of which will be provided to the buyer by the auctioneer).

    4.2 Payments will be made in British Pounds (£) (unless otherwise stated).

    4.3 All fees are exclusive of VAT or other relevant taxes, distribution costs and insurance unless expressly stated by the auctioneer (whether in the catalog or otherwise).

    4.4 The buyer must pay the auctioneer the following amounts in full by 5:00 p.m. the day after the auction.

    (a) the balance of the price due for the Lot together with any VAT due (including but not limited to the Buyer's Premium) and postage and packaging costs; or

    (b) if the final price of the lot has not been determined immediately after the end of the sale, the value of all or part of the lot will be determined, summarized by the auctioneer, whose decision will be final and binding. .

    (c) Method of Payment Accepted: Bank transfer required. Other payment methods are not accepted.

    4.5 If the buyer fails to make any payment due to the Auctioneer on the due date pursuant to these provisions, the buyer must:

    1. be contacted by the auctioneer via email and telephone;

    2. Pay for batch storage costs at £20 per batch per day

    3. Pay interest on the overdue number at 8% per annum above the Bank of England base rate from time to time. This interest accrues periodically before or after the judgment from the due date prior to the final payment of the unpaid amount. Interest will be charged by the seller along with the overdue amount.

    4.6 We will resell the Lot by public auction or private sale if the buyer fails to make payment as required, which may be the next working day after the payment due date. The shortfall (if any) resulting from resale in excess of original value will be deducted from the registered account, together with a reallocation/administration fee equal to 20% of the gross invoice amount, due as buyer's default liability on the first transaction Buyer's credit card deducted from us.

    4.7 Some auctions are delivered only and in this case:

    (a)The auctioneer will send the buyer a payment request for the entire order package and the shipping costs by e-mail after the auction has ended. All customers must pay for shipping by 4:30pm, two days after the end of the sale in which the products were purchased. Failure to do so will result in the winning items being redistributed and no refund will be given.

    (b)Shipping fragile items such as TVs, monitors,glasswareetc. This will be done by courier if the buyer is willing to take responsibility for the order during transit.

    (c) Standard Conditions limit liability to a maximum of £100 per shipment. There will be an option for larger value shipments that are fully insured; the insurance price is added to the total amount.

    (d) Buyer accepts responsibility in the event of loss, damage or theft of a shipment over £100 if Buyer refuses to fully insure the shipment.

    (e) In the unlikely event that the shipment is lost, damaged or missing, the buyer must notify the auctioneer within 5 days from the estimated delivery date for damage claims or 3 days from the delivery date for damage and theft claims. We will submit the claim to the courier and the buyer will receive a refund if/when the courier company accepts the claim and transfers the money to us.

    5. Auctioneer's Responsibilities

    5.1 The pieces sold in each lot are sold as is, with all faults and defects and possible errors of definition unrelated to the characteristics of the pieces, the auctioneer not being responsible for any defects (hidden or not) of any kind. Bidders are known to be satisfied with the condition of every lot they bid on.

    5.2 No written or verbal guarantee is given on Lots by Alexander Aurelius Auctioneers or his agents, unless expressly stated in the List of Items. Any product photos promoting any other warranty are void as per the product definition

    5.3 And please remember that we do not inspect electrical equipment. We cannot make any guarantees or representations that electrical products will work properly. It is recommended that purchasers of electrical or mechanical equipment have the products checked by a qualified electrician or mechanic before use. The auctioneer is not liable for any damage resulting from or caused by the use of these items.

    5.4 Neither the seller nor we are responsible for the authenticity of a lot. However, if the customer wishes to question the authenticity of a batch, the following applies:

    1. Any dispute as to the authenticity of a lot must be initiated by the buyer by giving written notice within 14 days of the sale that he believes the lot is a counterfeit.

    2. The buyer must return the lot to us within 28 days of notification in the same condition as it was sold, followed by documentation (which the buyer must prove) to convince us that the lot is a counterfeit given the catalog listing. The consumer must nevertheless ensure that a successful and marketable title of the ticket is also passed on free of any third-party claims on the ticket.

    3. In this case, the sale of the lot will be canceled and the purchase price will be refunded.

    4. Seller and customer agree to be bound by our decisions. We have the right to seek the advice of a professional or other authority before determining whether or not a batch is counterfeit.

    5.5 By registering for the Auction, the Buyer accepts that an auction sale is not a consumer sale within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the Buyer may not rely on any implied terms or warranties or by any other law, except as defined in Section 2(6) of the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

    6. Privacy

    6.1 The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that (as provided in the Auctioneer's Privacy Policy) the Auctioneer may collect, process and store personal data and feedback on the Buyer's transactions with the Auctioneer and may share such personal data with any Seller who is a Make a contract with the auctioneer's buyer. This is done on an ongoing basis to ensure the auctioneer's integrity and reputation and to enable the auctioneer, sellers and buyers to complete the transaction.

    7. Registration Instructions

    7.1 The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse registration of a bidder without notice or remedy.

    7.2 The auctioneer reserves the right to demand a down payment from individual or all bidders at any time.

    7.3 When registering, the bidder must provide their full name, initials and surnames are not valid.

    8. General Conditions

    8.1 We document all our phone calls. We reserve the right to use them as facts in the event of any disagreement.

    8.2 All auctions are business to business and not retail transactions.

    8.3 Online auctions are not subject to the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 or the Cancellation of Contracts Made at a Consumer's Residence or Place of Business Regulations 2008 . The most recent legislation is the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, which supersedes all previous legislation.

    9. Dispute Resolution, Remedies and Indemnification

    9.1 In any case, the buyer has 10 days from receipt of the goods to complain about the received goods. The buyer can notify the seller and the auctioneer of any problems identified at the earliest opportunity, but no later than 10 days after receipt.

    9.2 Bidders submitting cancellations will be charged as follows:

    (a) Administration fee of £250 plus VAT to defend the cancellation.

    (b) Storage charges commence immediately upon receipt of chargeback notice from our bank for a period of 28 days at a cost of £50 per item per day plus VAT. We will still try to recover all of our prizes.

    (c) All chargebacks will be prosecuted.

    9.3 The following fees will be charged to the bidder if the auctioneer has to start a procedure:

    (a) The solicitor's fee varies between £150 and £250 plus VAT for the transfer of the case;

    (b) For the original letter provided by the solicitor £25 plus VAT; and

    (c) All court fees including but not limited to £90 lost income, travel expenses and £165 court fees.

    (d) Our court appearances fee for solicitors is £300 plus VAT per hour plus expenses.

    (f) To process a legal claim, our staff costs are £70 plus VAT per hour plus expenses.

    In general

    1. Any waiver by us of any breach of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any other breach of this or any other provision.

    2. We may change the terms of this Agreement from time to time. It is therefore important that you visit our website for the most up-to-date version of the Terms before participating in an auction.


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