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Now you can learn how to use the improved version and new features of SQL Server and Microsoft's data platform, using SQL Server 2008 as a point of comparison. The course emphasizes learning how to use the capabilities of SQL Server 2014 as a product and other components of Microsoft's data platform.

As a database or business intelligence professional, you'll learn the skills you need to take full advantage of the new capabilities in SQL Server 2014. Additionally, you can explore related Microsoft data technologies such as Windows Azure, Excel 2013, and PowerBI for Office 365.

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  1. They leave in just 3 daysSQL Server 2014be certified.Because our courses are held in residences, we can offer longer study days and you will be able to fully concentrate on your course during your stay.
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This course prepares database professionals and business intelligence (BI) professionals to leverage the new capabilities of SQL Server 2014 as well as related Microsoft data technologies such as Windows Azure, Excel 2013, and PowerBI for Office365.

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Other accelerated training providers rely heavily on lectures, independent self-assessments, and studies.

Effective technical instruction needs to be highly varied and interactive to keep attention high, foster camaraderie and teamwork between students and teachers, and integrate knowledge through hands-on learning.

Firebrand Training offers guidance for every learning need:

  • Intensive group lessons
  • individual educational support
  • Practical Laboratories
  • Laboratory partner and group exercises
  • Question and answer exercises
  • independent learning

This information is provided as a helpful resource for candidates considering an apprenticeship. Courses that include certification come with a certification guarantee. Pass first time or retrain for free (accommodation and exams pay on return). We cannot guarantee personal success or benefits from the certification.

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Introduction to SQL Server 2014

Introduction to the main features of SQL Server 2014.

(Video) How to use Microsoft Access - Beginner Tutorial

  • Overview of SQL Server 2014
  • SQL Server 2014 versions and features
  • Installation von SQL Server 2014
  • SQL Server Management Studio

What's new in SQL Server database development

Learn about the improved version of Transact-SQL and other database development features using SQL Server 2008 as a comparison point.

  • Transact-SQL, the improved version
  • New and improved Transact-SQL features
  • Improvements in spatial data support
  • Storing and querying documents with SQL Server 2014

In-memory database resources

Now learn how to use SQL Server 2014 to implement in-memory technologies to improve database performance.

  • The buffer pool extension
  • Columnstore-Indizes
  • Optimizing tables for memory

Skript SQL Server 2014

How to use dynamic management views and PowerShell to script management tasks in SQL Server 2014.

  • New and improved version of Dynamic Management Views
  • Use PowerShell to manage SQL Server

Security implementation in Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Now you can experience the enhanced security features with SQL Server 2008 as a benchmark.

  • Improved security management
  • Protected Databases

High availability and improved data recovery

Now discover improved SQL Server availability and data recovery capabilities with SQL Server 2008 as a benchmark.

  • always high availability
  • Improved data recovery

New and improved features in SQL Server Integration Services

Now discover the improvements in SQL Server Integration Services with SQL Server 2008 as a benchmark.

  • Using the CDC control task for incremental data loads
  • Use and operationalize SSIS packages

data quality services

How to leverage SQL Server 2014 Data Quality Services (DQS) to provide a machine-assisted data value cleansing process and deduplication.

  • Introduction to data quality
  • Using Data Quality Services to cleanse data
  • Using Data Quality Services to match data

Learn more about Master Data Services

Learn now how to master Master Data Services, get to know the most important configuration options and how to import and export data.

(Video) Wat is een database - SQL

  • Introduction to master data services
  • Implementation of a Master Data Services model
  • Use the Master Data Services add-in for Excel

SQL Server 2014 Reporting Services

Explore the new and improved features of SQL Server Reporting Services.

  • Reporting Services overview
  • Reporting Services kein Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Introduction to data alerts

Implementation of the Analysis Services tabular data model

Introduction to Analysis Services tabular data models and how to develop a tabular data model using the SQL Server Data Tools for BI add-in for Visual Studio.

  • Add Analysis Services tabular data model projects
  • Creating a table model
  • Use a tabular Analysis Services data model in the enterprise

Self-Service-BI mit Microsoft Excel

Learn about the self-service BI capabilities that Microsoft Excel 2013 and related technologies can provide.

  • Power Pivot for Excel
  • Power Pivot for SharePoint Server
  • advanced query
  • power view
  • energy card
  • Power BI for Office 365

Including cloud data solutions

Some of the key Microsoft technologies that can be used to implement a cloud to data solution.

  • Cloud Computing Overview
  • Windows Azure Services for Data

Windows Azure SQL-Datenbank

An introduction to Windows Azure SQL Database, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for storing related cloud-based data.

  • Introduction to Windows Azure SQL Database
  • Windows Azure SQL Database Security
  • Database Provisioning and Management

SQL Server on Windows Azure virtual machines

How to use Windows Azure Virtual Machines with a SQL Server installation to get a cloud-based solution for data.

  • Introduction to Windows Azure virtual machines
  • Connectivity and security of Windows Azure virtual machines
  • Creating databases in a Windows Azure virtual machine

Implementation of big data solutions

Learn about key big data resources and Microsoft technologies that can help you build big data analytics solutions. The focus is on the Windows Azure HDInsight module and the Windows Azure Marketplace as key elements of Microsoft's big data solution.

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Windows Azure HDInsight
  • Using HDInsight results in Excel
  • Retrieving data for the Windows Azure Marketplace


Around the world, Firebrand has graduated 134561 students in the 10 years of its existence! We asked everyone to rate our accelerated training. The last time we looked at our results, we realized96,54%Rate us "above expectations"

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"The training was very good. All issues related to the exams were covered. The trainer Tiago Costa is great, he has a lot of experience and stories to tell. We can practice in a laboratory environment. The overall experience was very good."
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"If you want to be sure of success, I would choose the Arsonist. Since your days are very long, you learn a lot. Plus, you're in a hotel, so you don't have any distractions, and you're also studying at night."
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"I would like better information on the Firebrand course completion dates/times. Now I need to take the exam at another exam center in my country."
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