Rogue Legacy 2 'Swan Song' update now live on Switch, patch notes and trailer (2023)

There's a lot going on here, from new content to improvements. Players can access three new game modes, four new subclasses, over 100 tweaks and bug fixes, and more.

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3 new ways to play –
Fans of the original Rogue Legacy may be familiar with the game's hardest achievement, Thanatophobia, which requires 15 lives to complete the game. Well, we're bringing it back as an official special game mode, along with two other features that really spice up the experience. Thana-two-phobia takes the original challenge and dials it up to 11, with Prime bosses and stronger biomes, while True Rogue pits you against RNG gods. This mode randomizes your character, drops you into random biomes, and tests how far you can go in one life.

dream a little dream
- Deep in the shadows of an oppressive kingdom lies a faint ray of hope and dreams. This latest update will introduce Dreams, a unique experience similar to Scar Challenges that lets you play out the fantasies of some of the game's most iconic characters. What these fantasies are, you have to discover for yourself.
*Unlike Challenges, Dreams do not count toward earning certain achievements.

everyone's myth
– We've come full circle and added three new legendary weapons in this final update. Stun your enemies with Mjolnir, instill fear in their hearts with marionettes, or simply hit the wind with your skateboard. With the addition of these remaining legendary weapons, all classes in the game now have a weapon associated with them in the soul shop.

Customization is the spice of life
– Finally, we added some small tweaks for new and old fans of the PC/Mac/Linux version of the game. The first is the ability to add your own custom locales. Note that due to the nature of font creation, this feature is only available for Latin or Cyrillic. We've also added custom seeds for speed runners, and a way to verify them.

special game mode

We've added three new special game modes for players who've done their best but are still looking for more. They're designed to be nerve-racking for even the most seasoned players, so it's highly recommended that you play through the game at least once before attempting these challenges. Each mode has special conditions to earn silver or gold trophies and record your best times, so there's always a reason to try again.

real liar

For the first special game mode, we wanted to see what would happen if Rogue Legacy was played more like a traditional roguelike. Things get a little crazy, as True Rogue gives players the chance to conquer Realms with randomized reverse classes. Instead of the familiar world, you now start from a random experience, and as each boss is defeated, you'll be teleported to a new random experience and can choose a new reverse class. However, not all experiences need to be completed, they are now smaller with more relic rooms and curio shops. This makes runs short and sweet, and they're designed to be a one-person affair (although you can always stop and catch your breath). Finally, to keep resources relevant, all the gold, ore, and ether you collect earns you valuable resolve.

death phobia

We're bringing back an oldie, but a goodie with a death phobia. Originally the hardest achievement in Rogue Legacy, you only have 15 lives to complete the game in this official game mode. Once you are done with your life, the save file will be deleted. To keep things really interesting, you can only play each class once, so if your favorite loses, you'll have to make do with the rest.

double fear of death

By our own admission, Rogue Legacy 2 is a bit easier than RL1, so to preserve some of the challenge originally provided, we went with Thanatophobia. For Thana-two-phobia, the rules are the same, except enemy and boss loadouts are applied, meaning more difficult biomes and more challenging boss fights. We're not all masochists though, so to give players a fighting chance, all Fabled Weapons have been unlocked.

Class additions/changes

New Legendary Weapon

Royal Vikings.
Summon the power of Odin himself and crush your enemies with Mjolnir, the mighty ancient hammer. Throw it at unsuspecting victims to blast them with merciless lightning, then retract the hammer and do it all over again.

Snake deformer.
Don't be fooled by innocent puppets. Within it lies the spirit of the dragon, and the heavens are your domain. Attack from all sides to destroy your opponents, then stage a puppet show detailing your epic exploits.

Sick surfer.
Let's surf! Get out your surfboard, speed up and smash your enemies in the face. These wave breakers not only pack a powerful punch, but they can slide through some hazards with absolute ease.

Blasting Rod (Redesigned)
While we're big fans of the wand, the learning curve was too steep for one of the initial courses. The weapon has been redesigned to be easier to handle and play more like the archetypal wand.

•(light yellow)
The range of wand projectiles has been increased by approximately 33%.
•(light yellow)
Projectile size increased by 50%.
•(light yellow)
Projectiles will now explode on the first enemy it hits. This will make it easier to knock enemies back, giving mages room to cast their spells.
•(light yellow)
Charge status effect duration increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
Explosion damage slightly reduced.
Removed explosion indicator to clean up UI.

Shield (adjustment)
• Relics that reset (or break) on hit will now reset if the player blocks with a shield, unless the block is a perfect block.

pan (light yellow)
Giving a non-chef character the buff of a pan will do more damage.

•(light yellow)
Charge status effect duration increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
•(light yellow)
Damage increased from 150% to 165%.
•(light yellow)
Mana regen increased from 15 to 20 per attack.

stew (buffet)
Bring Chef to help you better match the new health changes (explained later in the patch notes).

•(light yellow)
Healing increased from 200% to 225%.
•(light yellow)
Mana regen increased from 100 to 150.

Ravenstorm (redesigned)
• Flight is now granted.
• Significantly reduced range.
• Knockback no longer applies.
• Damage reduced from 110% to 85%.
• Now always fires at least 2 crows, technically doubling the damage to a single target. Due to its arc pattern, this damage is unreliable, making it less useful against basic enemies, but still effective against bosses.
• Crow Storm will now change its rate of fire when the player has Heavy Stone Bargain instead of activating the cooldown (like pistols).

Bard – Lute (Super Buff)
We have technology!

• Notes are now dynamically updated based on Dance Stacks' INT. This means you can keep Spin Kicking your notes and earn sweet damage bonuses.

Spin kick (light yellow)
• Community:
Rewrote spin kick critical damage calculations so that they now behave the same as any other source of damage. This will cause spin kick crits to do more overall damage.
• Spin kick while running now procs critical hits.

biological change

Final Boss Relic Room
We've added three relic rooms before the final boss to give your heroes more chances to turn the tide.

• There will be three relic rooms before you start the final boss fight.

gum change

Three new special challenges called Dreams have been added to Erebus. Unlike regular Scar challenges, Dreams aren't tied to achievements, but will give you tons of extra Soulstones. All dreams can be found at NG+1 and above.

• Boogie Night:
A new dream lurks in the kingdom.
• Dragon Flight:
A new dream lurks in the kingdom.
• Train trance:
A new dream lurks in the kingdom.

balance change

God of Wealth's Bounty
We added it only because we were able to achieve overrides for Relic animations.

• The animation sequence now plays all random relics obtained through Fortune's Bounty.

Measurement of Lachesis (reworked)
This Relic has had issues for a while due to its max HP scaling. Players can take advantage of this in a number of ways, such as stacking healing trees or chewing on bones. It has been redesigned to be more consistent, while also tweaking the INT build.

• Health gained per critical strike is now based on intelligence (50% scale) instead of max health.

Deformer (Adjustment)
• Maximum limit increased from 5 to 99.

Hermes Boots (Adjusted)
• If the player owns this relic, a new glow effect will appear near their feet.

Arcane Necklace (Nerf)
While it's fun to have people cast infinite spells with top-tier arcane necklaces, it means it's way too late in the game. With the influx of relics in True Rogue mode, and this being the practical way to beat it, we don't want players chasing that one relic all the time.

• Upper limit reduced from 4 to 3.

Incandescent Telescope (adjustment)
It was a damned relic until we changed what it did and forgot to adjust all the appropriate settings. Ouch!

• Range is now controlled by the player to the point of damage rather than the midpoint of the enemy. Fixed very large enemies (such as skeleton bosses) always triggering Relic's damage bonus due to their size.
• (Community)
It can now appear as an antique.

Star Slingshot (Redesigned)
Make this game easier by increasing automation.

• Now drop 2 star bolts per relic.
• Can no longer be targeted. Instead, it activates in a pattern that changes as you collect more Star Slingshots.

Tattered Rope (Rebalance)
If you have other relics (like a haggle with a jagged handle), the risk damage is multiplied. It's additive now, so taking multiple damage stacks doesn't cause a big jump in health damage.

• (Community)
Increased risk damage is now cumulative rather than multiplied with the damage of other increased relics.
• Increased damage taken from 150% to 160%.

Soul Store Add-ons

The list keeps growing...

• God of Thunder
- A new subclass can now be unlocked in the soul shop.
• Dragon Puppeteer
- A new subclass can now be unlocked in the soul shop.
• Surfer
- A new subclass can now be unlocked in the soul shop.
• Cosmic Overload (upper limit)
– The unlock cap of some soul shops has been increased. This is just something to help DEEP NG+ ( > NG80+ ) players.

Orthotic changes

We've gone and balanced a ton of spells to make sure Focus and INT based builds don't tank late game.

Wind Wall (light yellow)
• Damage increased from 100% to 150%.
• Skills now crit after blocking projectiles.

Freeze Strike (Buff)
• Freeze duration increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
• Boss freeze cooldown reduced from 85% to 60% (this combined with long freeze makes it longer).
• Damage increased from 150% to 200%.
• Range increased by ~15%.
• Skill now critically strikes if the enemy is close enough.

Fungal transmission (light yellow)
• Increased damage per seed from 50% to 60%.
• Hitbox increased, making it easier to hit distant units.
• Skill now critically strikes if an enemy is knocked back.

Spore burst (light yellow)
This is technically a status effect, but I feel like it belongs here.

• Blast can now destroy cursed projectiles and ice hazards.

Shield of Thorns (light yellow)
• Damage increased from 100% to 150%.
• Skills now crit after blocking projectiles.

Shockwave (light yellow)
• Damage increased from 250% to 275%.
• Ability Crit targets are now closer to the center.

Flame bellows (light yellow)
• Damage increased from 100% to 120%.
• Increased knockback.

Fire Barrier (Redesigned - Buff)
Reworked to make it more reliable and allow for easier skill crits.

• Fire increased from 6 to 8.
• Reduced skill crit activation delay from 5 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
• Increased knockback.
• Damage reduced from 60% INT rating to 35% INT rating. This is still a huge net damage increase due to the fire hit chance and crit skill changes.

health changes

Push to make INT the primary form of health regen, while making the early game a little easier.

• Meat HP recovery increased from INT's 200% to 225%.
• Pizza now restores 225% Intellect and 15% Max Health (up from 200% Intellect and 20% Max Health).

healing tree
• Fixed a longstanding issue where healing trees would smell bad if you had low intelligence. Now it's always better than pizza.
• Now restores 500% Intellect and 15% Max Health if you consume Nectar (from 500% Intellect and 0% Max Health).

Biomedical Tax Changes

Kerguelen Plateau biome burden redesign
This is the least welcome burden, so we want to improve it for a while.

• Kerguelen's Burden of Sorrow is now Kerguelen's Burden of Frost.
Removed Frozen Nightmare.
• (young)
Added a cold.

Sun Tower Burden Adjustment
• Hordes of Nightmare Lancers.
• Nightmare Lancers are faster and track players better.

change administrator

Two new Operator buffs have been added to the game, one of which has been redesigned.

Resonance (new)
• A new Operator buff will now appear in the kingdom after players find the Boots of Echo.

Reaching the Void (New)
• The new Operator buff will now appear in the Realm after the player finds Pallas' Nether Clock.

Rage (redesign)
It was originally designed to be resistant to attacks that do little damage but are triggered frequently. It didn't work very well, so now it just turns enemies into super-aggressive glass cannons.

• No longer gains Fury stacks.
• Enemies are now always 50% faster and 60% more aggressive.
• Removed damage reduction bonus.
Explosive (adjusted)
• Changed Explosive Operator buff bars to show their cooldown instead of when they are about to attack.

commander estuary
Estuaries with Operator buffs can now spawn in True Rogue. They use a custom version of the Operator buff to better match encounters.

• bulky (estrus)
.Smaller size, less damage, less HP bonus.
• exclude
• Shield Banner
• curse
.Fires 2 projectiles instead of 1, but less frequently.
• Explosives
.Longer delay between bursts.
• Destructor
• flamethrower
.Fires 3 projectiles instead of 2 with a wider spray, but less frequently.
• Retaliatory
.The duration of invulnerability has been significantly increased.
• anger
• resonance
.more projectiles, longer delay. The projectile does not move.
• it becomes empty
.The larger the projectile, the greater the delay.

attribute change

interesting people/interesting girls
• Community:
Behavior changed, now eating mushrooms and taking damage will make you go from big to normal to small and vice versa, whether you start with a trait that makes you bigger or smaller.
• Community:
Traits now retain your character's size even after exiting the game.

• Spinning Kick while breaking now triggers a crit, normal Spinning Kick will no longer damage enemies if you have this trait.

Superfluid (keyboard only)
Bring the controls closer to the controller.

• Community:
Now you click in the direction you are moving, not where the mouse is pointing. This limits your downward movement to 8 directions, but should be easier to perform in the heat of the moment.

real thieves (rogues)
• Only available in True Rogue mode.
• Ore and ether now turn into gold. After reaching certain golden milestones, you will be rewarded with Resolve.
• Boss chests award an additional Transmogrifier Relic.

risk change

Nightmare (nerfed)
Make them less difficult, which in turn makes Naamah easier.

• Wake up delay increased from 9 seconds to 10 seconds.

Ice Crystal (nerfed)
Take a little more time to think.

• Increased respawn delay from 2.75 seconds to 3 seconds.

frozen nightmare
• Removed from game.

Equipment set changes

A new outfit for returning players.

Shiraki (new)
• You can now find the new FOCUS guide gear set.

Hagen (new)
• You can now find a new set of skill-based gear.

Cattle (quality of life)
• Small problem, Kin gives you 1.5 revenge runes instead of 2 (although always rounded up so no change).

miscellaneous. Variety

Antique Shoppe Guns
Now that we have a full set of legendary and basic weapons, we removed the Chance modifier.

• Removed 2x chance of Legendary weapons appearing in Curio Shoppe.

Cave log entry (lost)
• Added a cave log entry that we forgot to link to. Ouch! If you've already found all of the cave journal entries, it will automatically be marked as discovered for you.

• Added a monument.
• Community:
Animations that play when acquiring special items such as relics, blueprints, new abilities, or empathy can now be skipped.
• Improved rendering of player death sequences.
• Improved some cloak animations.
• Community:
The main menu no longer restricts the mouse cursor.
• Community: The map zoom level in the pause menu is now preserved until a new map is loaded.
• Shrunk the trigger box for Boss Chests.
• Added DualShock 4 and DualSense Lightbar support. The gamepad will light up in different colors according to the character's category and attributes.
• Added a small buzzing sound to the game when a bow or ballista enters the crit window.
• Entering a magazine room now immediately marks the room as completed when all magazines have been read, rather than requiring the player to read the magazines first.
• A failed challenge will now restart the challenge instead of sending you back to the Drift House.

Auto save disclaimer
Sometimes it's hard to know when you can take a break from the game without losing your progress. This is especially painful for cheaters, and interruptions can cost you the entire game. We want to reassure unsure players that it's safe to quit at any time in Rogue Legacy 2, and we've replaced the old disclaimer with a new one explaining this.

• (Remove) Best Controller:
A lot of work has gone into making RL2 play as smoothly as possible with keyboard and mouse, so we think it's time to end the old disclaimer that recommends using a controller.
• (New) Tea Time:
Replaced the old disclaimer with a new disclaimer explaining how autosave works.

Cutscene Skip++
In previous updates, we let people skip the final game. They can now skip the entire ending sequence in the pause menu.

• Community:
If you already have Gilgamesh's anchor, you can skip the entire endgame sequence in the pause menu after defeating the final boss.


• Fixed an issue where players would not turn around if they moved slowly enough in the opposite direction while flying.
• Fixed a bug where holding up while attacking with a joystick would sometimes cause the player to turn around.
• Fixed a bug where casting any ability that made a player invincible while Cloak of Dusk was active would disable their invulnerability.
• Fixed a bug where casting Ravenstorm after defeating the final boss would cause the ravens to fly to a specific location on the ground.
• Fixed a bug where casting Ravenstorm after defeating Enoch would destroy the surprise.
• Fixed Mimic Chest's sound effects continuing to play after he died.
• Fixed a regression where players would occasionally slide over slopes when playing at low FPS.
• Fixed a bug where you could exit the end cabinet if you entered the door in the same frame that Maria started speaking.
• Fixed a bug where modifier values ​​in Relics would sometimes display more than 2 decimal places.
• Fixed a bug where the Celestial Slingshot would always fire to the right when activated via Lucent Beam when no direction was pressed, no matter which direction you were facing.
• Fixed a bug where character lighting in the lineage screen would no longer apply correctly if you changed their weapon.
• Fixed a regression where glow effects would not play when switching weapons in the lineage screen.
• Fixed various minor issues with some rooms.
• Fixed a bug where the Feather Cap relic would activate every time the block talent was activated, regardless of whether you actually blocked something.
• Fixed a bug where sprinting to cancel certain abilities immediately after casting them would not apply the Feather Cap's charge effect (such as Immortal Tiger and Knockout Punch).
• Bosses now escape Freeze status effects when activating their mode change, addressing a bug where players with enough mana (or certain relics) could keep freezing the boss until it died, causing the mode change to never fail.
• Fixed bug where entering a boss room and replenishing your mana would give you more mana than if you had the infinite trait.
• Fixed some text and localization issues.
• Fixed an issue where enemies with full HP would sometimes take extra hits before dying in danger.
• Fixed mouse cursor restriction logic only appearing after game has been paused at least once.
• Fixed an issue where the icon for Ring of the Heron or Ring of Raven would not display correctly when taking damage if the source of the damage was a status effect such as Burn or Poison.
• Fixed possible bug in line reading in Localization Manager.
• Fixed a rare soft crash when throwing spoons.
• Fixed a bug where players would remain standing idling in the air if they were knocked up while standing on the ground and throwing a mana bomb.
• Fixed a rare bug where if you activate a fairy chest in the same frame, it gets dismissed and you can no longer interact with the chest, teleporter, etc.
• Fixed Pizza Girl's synaesthesia not following her properly when jumping onto a boat at the dock.
• Fixed a bug where when starting a new thread, the player's synesthesia color trails would be visible before they had finished teleporting to the tutorial level.
• Trying to fix a bug where the player's Synesthesia color track would sometimes be placed incorrectly in the Docks.
• Added concerns for Healing Room, Relic Room, and Curio Shoppe to address Diva dimming effects hiding text.
• Fixed a bug where leaving a scar while summoning an enemy would sometimes cause enemies in the castle to become invisible and no longer detect collisions.
• Fixed a bug where killing a Doomvas with a Kotetsu Talent would cause the camera to follow the player at a distance.
• Fixed a bug where your character's eyes would turn red on the death screen if you retired with the Dusk Cloak active.
• Fixed a bug where tutorial text boxes were not sorting correctly causing them to appear behind objects such as Nightmare Auras.
• Fixed a bug where the barbarian's ax attack would get stuck if you activated the House Rules Flight mid animation.
• Fixed a bug where Will'os would sometimes render a transparent black rectangle.
• Fixed a bug where connecting/disconnecting Switch while paused would cause graphical corruption.
• Fixed a bug where slugs would spawn too many slime projectiles causing lag, especially on Switch.
• Fixed a bug where entering certain transition areas while flying (such as the stairs in the dock in the skill tree) would cause your character to ignore the non-moving entrance or always face left.
• Fixed one-way platform art sometimes not applying correctly in heirloom rooms.
• Fixed all shotgun bullets not providing mana on hit.
• Fixed a bug where collecting the Future Heir trade before activating the Cloak of Dusk would cause your players to survive the curse.
• Fixed a bug where manors would appear at the wrong level when visiting an abandoned dock.
• Fixed a bug where the player could take damage after defeating the boss in the final boss room and a door appeared.
• Fixed a bug where Gravity Wells would sometimes do 4 damage instead of 5.
• Fixed a bug where special spear maidens were so tall that they would throw their spears over the player's head.
• Fixed a bug where the dash outline effect would disappear and not play correctly if your character was slightly outside the room boundaries.
• Fixed mild bonus damage not applying to attacks that deal extra projectiles (eg Burning Gloves).
• Chef Class Burn passive now stacks with attacks that naturally cause Burn.
• Fixed crash in status effect icons with soft localPosition = {NaN, NaN} when applying status effects to enemies in the same frame as they were killed.
• Fixed a soft crash bug where tunnels within tunnels would still try to spawn destinations even if their spawn controllers were marked not to spawn them.
• Fixed countdown relics not displaying the correct text color in the relic HUD.
• Fixed a bug where the grace period for Fragile Spikes that prevented damage to players when entering a room was not working properly if the spikes were spawned for the first time.
• Fixed a bug where swiping left then right quickly when navigating certain menu options would cause the pointer to move left twice.
• Crit support art is now always behind the numbers no matter how many bonus damage source icons appear.
• Fixed a bug where the cannon would immediately swing again if you held the button and something interrupted the attack.
• Fixed Puritan trait not being resolved with nerdy glasses.
• Fixed a bug where the warning animation and the void wall's playback interval would get mixed up if the Traitor created the Dash void wall too quickly.
• Fixed a bug where Traitors would sometimes get stuck in the animation after slicing remotely.
• Fixed traitor sprint effect not facing the correct direction when cast.
• Fixed a bug where the dance stack was not working when starting Zyorbs.
• Changed dance stack damage mode to no longer apply when throwing projectiles, instead calculates enemy damage to fix various edge cases where stacks or not apply.
• Fixed a bug where fireball enemies would still drop fireball projectiles when frozen.
• Fixed a bug where root would sometimes flicker in Parade.
• Fixed a bug where the portrait animation in the death screen could be out of sync with the bloodline screen, depending on the frame rate.
• Fixed a bug where aerodynamic visual effects were not persisting through room transitions.
• Fixed a kill bug that caused certain 1×3 and 3×2 rooms to flicker when entered.
• Fixed a bug where the Snow Torch mount would sometimes float in the air.
• Fixed various bugs where enemies in parade would incorrectly cycle their animations.
• Fixed Defentry and Entry Prevention enemies not animating on parade.
• Fixed a bug where chest glows were not playing on the correct visual layer.
• Fixed bug where water/clouds in scars would still teleport you even if you were dead.

Watch the trailer for Rogue Legacy 2's "Swan Song" update below.


Is Rogue Legacy 2 done? ›

Cellar Door Games are saying farewell to Rogue Legacy 2, with one final major content upgrade out now with The Swan Song.

What version is Rogue Legacy 2 on? ›

Rogue Legacy 2 is a platform video game developed and published by Cellar Door Games. It is the sequel to 2013's Rogue Legacy, and the game was released for Windows via early access in August 2020.
Rogue Legacy 2
Platform(s)Windows Xbox One Xbox Series X/S Nintendo Switch
12 more rows

Is Rogue Legacy 2 a prequel? ›

“Rogue Legacy 2 is a transformative sequel that essentially rebuilds the extraordinarily influential 2013 original into a modern roguelite that stands nearly shoulder to shoulder with the best of the genre.”

What is the best class in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Best classes in Rogue Legacy 2. While most classes have their uses in certain situations, we recommend the Chef, Duelist, Valkyrie and Ronin as the best class in Rogue Legacy 2, as they are effective in fighting both regular enemies, and bosses.

What is the hardest boss in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

The Estuary Irad boss is one of the hardest in Rogue Legacy 2, but players can win this fight with a bit of planning, strategy, and skill.

Which is harder Rogue Legacy 1 or 2? ›

Rogue Legacy 2 may seem more difficult because it has a lot more variety than the first one. Each hero class now boasts a unique weapon, meaning the characters play drastically differently from one another. This naturally makes things more challenging for both newcomers and veterans of the franchise.

Is Rogue Legacy 2 endless? ›

Rogue Legacy 2 harnesses chaos to become an endlessly replayable roguelite.

Who is Z Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Z is an unknown, charismatic figure who rebelled against the Estuaries before the events of Rogue Legacy 2. She has written many notes to J about the rebellion beforehand, and they can be found throughout the game.

What is the Swan Song update for Rogue Legacy 2? ›

The Rogue Legacy 2 Swan Song Update includes a ton of new modes, weapons, and challenges for players to explore as Cellar Door Games' thanks to its fans. There's also the new Thanatophobia Mode. This returns from the original Rogue Legacy and it's a doozy. You have 15 lives, represented by the 15 classes in the game.

What does the pizza girl do in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Maria the Pizza Girl is an NPC you'll find in Pizza Mundi, a pizza shop located halfway through Axis Mundi. Once found, she can permanently open Teleporters for a relatively small amount of gold. She will also take residence at The Docks, and accompany you whenever you leave with Charon.

How replayable is Rogue Legacy 2? ›

You'll have to replay it about 9 times minimum to see everything content wise. Runs aren't particularly varied, there's not a massive selection of items like some other roguelikes, but the core gameplay is so satisfying it'll make it worth it.

What is the best sword in Rogue Legacy? ›

Rogue Legacy 2: 8 Best Class Weapons, Ranked
  • 7 Great Sword (Knight) Every game tends to have a base class that serves as the vanilla straightforward form of the experience. ...
  • 6 War Bow (Ranger) ...
  • 5 Frying Pan (Chef) ...
  • 4 Saber (Duelist) ...
  • 3 Labris (Barbarian) ...
  • 2 Fauchard (Valkyrie) ...
  • 1 Katana (Ronin)
Jun 27, 2022

What is the max burdens in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Each new playthrough, or Thread, requires 2 additional Burden Weight up to NG+10. After that, Threads only require 1 additional Burden Weight until NG+25, capping at 35. This requirement can be altered using House Rules, allowing the player to decrease it by 50%, or increase it by up to 200%.

Can you beat Rogue Legacy 2 as pacifist? ›

Unfortunately, you can't complete the game without attacking, so no Pacifist runs for you.

Is Killa the hardest boss? ›

Unfortunately, killing Killa is a serious task for any player, regardless of their experience in Escape From Tarkov. He's one of the toughest bosses for the sole reason that he's so dramatically unpredictable, and it's almost impossible to know where he'll appear next.

Is Saltbaker the hardest boss? ›

4 Chef Saltbaker

The hardest boss of the Delicious Last Course DLC has to go to Chef Saltbaker. This chef isn't cooking everything with love, only pain, and suffering. Not only is he downright creepy, but his attack patterns get even more sporadic as time goes on. Given that he's the final boss it only makes sense.

What is the easiest character in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Easiest class is Ronin. Best class is Ronin.

What is the max class level in Rogue Legacy? ›

After gaining enough experience points with a specific class, its Mastery level will increase, granting permanent stat bonuses for all classes. Mastery is capped at Level 15 for each class, but this cap can be increased with the Limitless Potential upgrade in The Soul Shop.

What happens at 0 resolve Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Resolve can be reduced all the way to 0, whereupon the player will have 1 HP, but relics can still be acquired beyond this point with no further penalty.

What is the max level in Rogue Legacy? ›

Your level is the same as the number of manor upgrades you have. There are 507 possible upgrades you can make, which means 507 is an absolute max level.

Is equipment permanent in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Rogue Legacy 2 is a rogue-lite side scrolling adventure game, which means that each run plays out differently, but you can purchase upgrades that persist throughout all future runs, bolstering your upcoming attempts with permanent upgrades and skills.

Are runes permanent in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Due to Runes being tied to RNG, there is no telling when and where you will stumble upon them, but once you finally get your hands on one, it is permanently available for you to purchase and equip afterward. You will need to unlock the Enchantress' Quarters Upgrade in the Manor to purchase Runes.

What does FMF fan do in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

However, the “FMF Fan” trait gives bonus gold and no downside. In fact, there's no effect at all. The trait just says “You have good taste. You're probably Korean,” and then gives you 25% bonus gold for that run.

How do you unlock the true ending in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

To get the True Ending in Rogue Legacy 2, players will need to equip the prime boss Burdens and beat all eight in one run. Since each new thread grants only one Burden, players need to beat at least 7 NG+ runs before activating the secret cutscene.

What is secret boss damage Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Rogue Legacy 2 features a selection of challenging boss fights that may take many heirs to defeat - however, there are secret damage boost bonuses that can be unlocked against each boss in the game, giving you +15% damage against them, no matter which class your play as.

Are Rogue Legacy 1 and 2 connected? ›

After a few years in Steam Early Access, Rogue Legacy 2 launched at the end of April. Its creator, Cellar Door Game, has dubbed the game a "spiritual successor" to the original Rogue Legacy released almost nine years ago, as this second title has no direct story ties to its predecessor.

What is the code for Swansong vampire? ›

The password to Jara's Laptop is 1841.

Regardless, entering 1841 on her computer will unlock it, solving this part of the game's campaign. Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong is available for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

What is the unique chamber purple clouds in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

There is a unique chamber in Rogue Legacy 2's Stygian Study that is filled with clouds. This room is connected to the Poisonous Thoughts Insight, and players that resolve it will gain +15% damage against Estuary Enoch, the biome's boss.

What is the code for the Swansong Vampire archives? ›

The easiest way to locate this note is to track the scent of Journey's Perfume using Auspex Vision, as her trail leads right to the section of the archives where this drawer is found. After reading the code from the drawer (9138), players simply need to enter it into the safe to crack it open.

What is the secret in Pizza Mundi Rogue Legacy 2? ›

The entrance to Pizza Mundi is located in the Axis Mundi Mid-section. Maria the Pizza Girl is first encountered here, who has the ability to permanently unlock teleporters for the player. Within Pizza Mundi is also a hidden entrance to a secret room that contains a Scar after defeating The Void Beasts.

Where is the pizza place secret in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Location: Through the small crack in Pizza Mundi (Axis Mundi area) behind the barrel on the left side of the screen. Interact with the crack, even though no pop-up will appear, and you will be taken to a secret room with the scar.

Why lock the world in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

When you lock it in, the Architect will take a percentage of the value of the gold you find, and each time you die and the lock remains, his take will increase, all the way up to 100% of the gold you find.

How many heirlooms are there in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Each Heirloom is personified by a large statue found in an Heirloom Chamber. The player must complete a challenge room offered by each Heirloom in order to claim its power. There are seven heirlooms total.

How do you get Aether wings? ›

Reach Kerguelen Plateau and Find Insight

The surface of this water acts as a Resonant object, and players can now use their improved Spin Kick to continue to the right. Ultimately, fans that travel in this direction will reach an Insight, and they will earn Aether's Wings for completing its trial.

How do you enter the heirloom in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

At the end of the Far Shores in Kerguelen Plateau, you can use Spin Kicks to cross the water. Head across, and you will find the statue for the Heirloom, interact with it to enter the challenge. Double jump your way to the end and the Heirloom will be yours.

What should I focus on in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Focus. Focus increases the Critical Damage of your Spells and Talents, as well as Magic Damage dealt by Relics, Status Effects and Weapons. The effect of Focus is further increased by your Skill Crit.

Can you refight bosses in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Once you've finished the game, you can play again, but the game will be harder. You can kill all the bosses again, and get to the final boss again as well, just by playing like you did first time. But you can't fight them twice on the same playthrough without finishing the game.

What is the strongest Rogue weapon? ›

The Scarlet Devil is by all measures the strongest Rogue weapon in the game, offering a ridiculous 10,000 damage with every throw.

What is the best sword Rogue? ›

1 Luck Blade

Arguably the most fitting magic item of all for a well-roleplayed Rogue, the Luck Blade is a legendary sword with a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls that also provides its wielder with a +1 bonus to saving throws.

How much armor should I have in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

By the time you unlock the Ammonite set you should have at least 30-40 armor if you're wearing leather and scholar stuff, even if you didn't buy many armor upgrades. Wearing Ammonite will put you up to 100 which is so incredibly wasteful. Any other armor set is better and Ammonite only gets worse as time goes on.

What is the best stat in rogue legacy? ›

Rogue Equipment and Stats

To further increase movement and attack speed, Agility is the Rogue's most important stat.

What armor to use Rogue Legacy 2? ›

The Leviathan armor supplies the highest amount of base intelligence out of the sets of armor available to players to find and purchase. Players that are focusing on magic-based builds which are argued by fans as being the best classes will want to work towards obtaining this gear.

Does fleeing ruin a pacifist run? ›

Does fleeing screw up the Pacifist Run? Nope.

How do you unlock scar in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Scar of Erebus is an inevitable part of the questline. To unlock it, players will need to beat Estuary Lamech, the first boss in the game. Lamech is located in Citadel Agartha, and defeating him opens the Drift House on the Docks, in which Geras offers Scar Challenges.

How many hours is Rogue Legacy 2? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Rogue Legacy 2 is about 26½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 112 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Does Rogue Legacy end? ›

The ending itself is pretty straightforward; the heir kills Johannes and, for the first time in many generations, goes home.

What happens if you run out of time Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Note that the timer hitting zero does nothing (hence the achievement name), so you dont have to refight any bosses getting this, and it is best to wait for the remaining time right at the end.

What is the max rune level in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Both equipment and runes go up to +9, with the base form also counting as a level. The cap for Threads is NG+100. Burdens stop increasing by default at NG+20 at 30 Burdens, but you can increase them as much as you want on any Thread.

Is gear permanent Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Due to Runes being tied to RNG, there is no telling when and where you will stumble upon them, but once you finally get your hands on one, it is permanently available for you to purchase and equip afterward. You will need to unlock the Enchantress' Quarters Upgrade in the Manor to purchase Runes.

Who is the final boss in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

You've made it, the final boss! Whereas Jonah pulled out tricks from your bag, Cain has pulled tricks from all the previous bosses' bags of tricks. Cain is by far the biggest challenge of the bosses you have faced, and you will need to be on your toes to tackle this foe!

How many bosses are in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

There are 8 main bosses in Rogue Legacy 2, with optional boss fights available via the Scars of Erebus.

What is 30% minimum resolve Rogue Legacy 2? ›

Armor Sets

The Lv. 100 Unity Bonus sets your minimum Resolve at 30%. This means you can take as many relics as you want and never drop below 30% Resolve.

What does locking the world do in Rogue Legacy 2? ›

When you lock it in, the Architect will take a percentage of the value of the gold you find, and each time you die and the lock remains, his take will increase, all the way up to 100% of the gold you find.


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