Is Converse Petite, Large, or True to Size? [The only size chart you need!] - Shoe Matrix (2023)

Converse is a well-known shoe manufacturing company with a long history of producing high-quality footwear. Since their beginnings in 1908, they have been in the business of making opulent footwear. Converse was acquired by Nike.Inc, a shoe manufacturing company, in 2003.

If you have any questions about Converse shoes as you are planning to buy them and you are confused by some questions like Converse True To Size? Converse is small or big? Are Converse comfortable on the feet or not?

So, we've got you covered and this article will give you a detailed overview on whether or not Converse is better for your feet, along with a size compilation chart to help you choose the right size for your feet.

Converse runs true to size. However, in some situations, you may need to go down a half or full size due to the size of your foot. Converse generally tends to run true to size, however foot size varies from person to person. So before you go out and buy some Converse, measure your feet and compare them to the Converse foot chart. This will help you find the right shoes that fit your foot perfectly.

When it comes to shoe brands, Converse is widely recognized as the exclusive developer of sneakers. Due to the popularity of Converse, we put together the following information to help Converse lovers choose the right size.

Is Converse Petite, Large, or True to Size? [The only size chart you need!] - Shoe Matrix (1)

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Are the Converse true to size or not?

Converse's sizing is unique in that most of its products resemble sneakers. Although Converse shoes are true to size, it is vital to use the sizing guide to get an accurate fit. It is also important to take the measurement of the foot thinking about the type of socks that you will use with the shoe.

Converse shoes tend to run larger than other shoes of the same size. So when looking for the right size, check the size chart on the official Converse website. Also, if you tend to wear larger shoes, size down to avoid oversized shoes.

To find your perfect Converse shoe size, try measuring your foot manually with a ruler or by standing on a piece of paper. After placing the ruler next to your foot or foot on a piece of paper, have someone mark the top and bottom for a perfect size.

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Is Converse big or small?

Unlike other sneaker brands, Converse generally tends to run larger. It is essential to reduce the sizes if you are looking for a perfect fit and not a shoe that is too big. If possible, try shopping at a local store if this is your first time choosing Converse sneakers to find out the ideal size for your foot.

While most people go down the size in half, others may need to go down the full size or more. So if you're shopping for Converse sneakers for the first time, be sure to try them out.

However, if there is no way to get it locally, use an online store that offers free return services if it doesn't fit perfectly. Converse sneakers come in different varieties of styles, and most differ in size. So the best alternative to find out if they are your ideal size is to try them on.

Does Converse stretch when you wear them?

Canvas, a tightly woven material used to make Converse shoes, allows them to stretch as you wear them, but stretching takes longer than suede shoes. Converse shoes made from canvas, on the other hand, take less time to break in than leather sneakers, so you can expect them to stretch over time if you wear them several times a week.

The converse are limited to not exceed the sole of the shoe. Converse soles are made of thin rubber soles, which have the added benefit of stretching over time as you wear them frequently.

So even if a Converse shoe stretches while you're wearing it, it won't be very noticeable at first. However, since it stretches a bit, you may be more comfortable wearing the old fitted shoe.

There is no doubt that if you have a Converse shoe that initially fits you tight the first time you wear it, it will become more comfortable after frequent wear. However, if you don't want to deal with the stress of breaking in a tight Converse, look for one that doesn't fit too tight.


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Are Converse shoes comfortable?

Well, unlike other types of sneakers with complex features, Converse sneakers are simple. Converse or Chuck Taylors are very comfortable to wear due to their flexibility and ankle support. Since the first Converse (All-Stars) shoes were made in 1912, the industry has focused on changing insole and sole designs to make them more comfortable.

So converse sneakers are among the most comfortable sneakers anyone can wear. Also, Converse high tops provide ankle support as you tighten the top lacing, which is very helpful for foot control. But low tops lack ankle support and foot control, as well as adequate underfoot cushioning.

Converse sneakers have a distinctive design that makes them a great option for a few hours of wear. Wearing Converse shoes all day may not be the best way to keep your feet comfortable.

But, the good thing about Converse shoes is that even if they wear out, you can change the insoles for new ones for more comfort.

Is Converse Petite, Large, or True to Size? [The only size chart you need!] - Shoe Matrix (2)

Converse Size Chart

Converse sizing is unique to other shoe types, so measuring your foot size is essential. There are several methods to manually measure your foot to find the correct size for your feet. Some methods include:

  • When you stand on a piece of paper, have someone mark the top and bottom of your foot to determine the proper size.
  • Place a stick next to the foot as you mark the top and bottom.
  • Use a ruler to measure the sides, length, and heels of your feet.

Here's a complete table showing the reverse size for men and women in inches:

Converse Men's and Women's Size Chart

US Men's SizeUS women sizeLength (Inches)
358 1/3
3.55.58 1/2
468 5/8
4.56.58 5/6
579 2/3
5.57.59 1/7
689 2/7
6.58.59 1/2
799 2/3
7.59.59 4/5
8.510.510 1/6
91110 1/3
9.511.510 1/2
101210 5/8
10.512.510 4/5
11.513.511 1/7
121411 2/7
131511 2/3
14sixteen12 2/7
151712 2/7
sixteen1812 3/5

Should I increase or decrease the size of Converse?

Converse shoes are one size larger than other shoe brands. For this reason, it is essential to reduce the size a bit when buying Converse shoes. Converse shoes are designed to be generally larger compared to other shoes of the same size.

So to get the perfect fit you need to go down a full size or up. Chuck Taylor, often referred to as Converse, is size larger than other brands.

So if you order a Converse shoe based on a standard shoe size, you may end up with baggy shoes. Comparing Converse sneakers to sneakers from other popular brands like Vans, Adidas, and Nike differs considerably in size.

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Are Converse bad for your feet?

No, Converse sneakers are not bad for your feet. Converse is uniquely designed to provide flexibility and support for the ankle. Most Converse shoes are very flat, keeping your feet in the perfect stance as you move. Converse sneakers are among the most comfortable sneakers that anyone would love to wear.

Converse shoes are very flexible, allowing the foot to move comfortably when wearing them. The human foot can move freely by rolling while walking or running and by gripping a surface while climbing. However, wearing shoes limits the movement of the foot, keeping the muscles and joints locked in a stable position.

When we wear shoes, it limits the leg to make natural movements by molding the foot to another position. Even the high-top styles of Converse shoes, which provide arch support, slightly limit the natural function of the foot. While Converse shoes are better than most name-brand shoes, they still limit the position and movement of the foot.

How to know what size of Converse to buy

When choosing Converse, getting the perfect fit makes for a stunning look. And there are many ways to determine the right size for your foot. A perfect fit of Converse sneakers gives you a fresh look that will make you feel good.

The Converse size chart above is helpful in choosing the perfect size. Even after measuring your foot size, it is also necessary to compare it with the measurement chart. This will help you determine the ideal Converse shoe size for your foot.

Before evaluating the Converse size charts above, please follow the method below to measure your foot. Converse sizing is shoe-specific and differs from other types of shoes. While most Converse shoe sizes run true to size, you should also match your foot size to the size chart for the perfect fit.

Also, if you prefer to wear socks with sneakers, you can try measuring your feet wearing socks.

Here are the steps you need to follow to measure your foot:

  • First, stand on a hard, flat surface, placing a stipulated sheet of paper on the floor under your foot properly. Make sure the wall under your foot is flat.
  • Second, have someone help you mark the long sides, top, and bottom of the foot on a piece of paper with visible ink, such as a pencil or pen. Please try to measure on both feet as the size may differ.
  • Third, you can also use a ruler to measure the length of your toes and heels.
  • Lastly, try comparing your measurements to the Converse sizing chart above to determine the perfect shoe size for your foot.

Why are Converse sneakers so big?

In size, Converse sneakers are quite different from other sneaker brands. For example, you can buy a size 8 if you normally wear a size 9, and it will fit you perfectly. This shows that Converse shoe size is larger than other shoe brands.

Converse shoes are designed with a small insole and narrow spacing, allowing more room for length. Converse sneakers are still the best casual sneakers that everyone should wear.

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Are women's Converse true to size?

women's converse sneakersThey run true to size, but you can wear a half size larger than your normal shoe size. It is necessary to use the Converse women's shoe size chart to choose the ideal size. The size of men and women when choosing Converse sneakers differs significantly.

The different styles of Converse sneakers come in one size. For example, you may notice that most Converse shoes in a specific size run down from the standard shoe size. So, assuming your usual shoe size is a 7.5, go down a half size to a 7 when shopping for a Converse for the perfect fit.

Is Converse Petite, Large, or True to Size? [The only size chart you need!] - Shoe Matrix (3)

Converse stolen?

Yes, Converse breaks after 2-4 weeks of use. This means that even if your Converse is tight on your foot initially, it will feel loose in the future. Also, even if your Converse doesn't lose a bit on its own, there are several ways to do it.

Here's what you need to know:

  • You can try slightly bending your Converse as this will allow them to break in quickly. You can do this by holding the top and bottom (heel) of the converse as you slowly try to bend the shoe.
  • Instead of trying to bend your Converse, you can try inserting insoles for a longer period to loosen them up. Also, wearing your new Converse for a few days or weeks can help to get you used to it.

Does Converse fit large, small or true to size?

While we expect Converse to run for sizing, most Converse fit one size larger than your normal shoe size. Even on the official Converse website it shows that all Converse sizes are half a size larger. Therefore, it can be determined that Converse is true to size.However, Converse sneakers can be big, but not small.!

Therefore, it is advisable to always buy Converse sneakers from a local store where you can easily physically try on the size to find the perfect fit.

Final Thoughts: Is Converse True to Size or Not?

Unlike other shoe brands, Converse is bigger. It is essential to go down sizes for a perfect fit. If possible, try to shop at a local store, if this is your first time buying sneakers, talk to them to find out what your ideal size is. Converse breaks after 2-4 weeks of use. This means that even if the Converse is tight on your foot at first, it will loosen up a bit over time.

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