How to Reach Max Guardian Level in Destiny 2: All the Steps and Challenges | Attack of the Zealots (2023)

From Sunbeam to Paragon.

How to Reach Max Guardian Level in Destiny 2: All the Steps and Challenges | Attack of the Zealots (1)

guardianexistdestiny 2Offering both new and seasoned players a path to follow the complex challenges that set them apart. whether you areShin Konglook for rank ordestinyExperts who want to stand out from the crowd with the number 6 on their head - this guide has all the steps and challenges for everyoneGuard rankexistdestiny 2and how to reach the highest level.

What is the guardianship course?

How to Reach Max Guardian Level in Destiny 2: All the Steps and Challenges | Attack of the Zealots (2)

guardianIt's a way to show off your experiencedestiny 2.first sixguardianUsed as a tool to guide new players and introduce them to the game.ranked seventhand above are calledadvanced levelAnd reset each season, challenges are tied to new and current content.

can visitguardian, Open ittrippart of the menu. likevictory, yourGuard rankAssociated with your account, not a specific character.

How to Reach Maximum Guardian Level in Destiny 2

maximum valueGuard rankexistdestiny 2at presentLevel 11: Exemplary.You have to complete each challenge of the previous level to proceed to the next level. Below you can find each challengeGuard rankexistagainst the season.

Guardian Level 1: Shinbeam

All players will start fromRank 1?Getting your first position requires no steps.

All Guardian Level 2: Explorer's Challenge

  • Complete the New Light quest "The Rise of the Guardians".

complete the first missiondestiny 2, which starts automatically when you first load into the game, will win you overLevel 2: Explorer.

Full Guardian Level 3: Launch a Challenge

thisLevel 3: Beginning StepsThey are designed to familiarize you withdestiny 2Planets and the activities you can do on them. From now on, courses will consist of multiple units and individual assignments.

explore neptune

  • Fill in the "First Contact".
  • Meet Destination Sellers at Neptune.

first contract"is the first missionLightfall extension, but don't worry. You don't need to own the extension to do it. after meetingcloud, Neptune's destination provider, this part will be done.

Explore the European Economic Area

  • Land in Earth's European Dead Zone (also known as the EDZ) and talk to Devrim Kay.
  • Complete the three public events in the EDC.

like all planets, oeconomic development Zone(riceEuropeanHeyeditdistrict)It can be accessed through the Destinations tab. select ittostland landing area, Enter Go to church, then climb to the top of the hill to talkRevolution Kay.

Participationpublic event, look for blue diamonds on the map — set a location and jump into the event to join. A full orange outline indicates that a public event is currently underway, while an incomplete outline indicates how long the event will take to start.

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Explore Nessus

  • Log into Nessus and meet the wacky AI Failsafe.
  • Complete the Nessus patrol.
  • Complete 2 lost domains in Nessus.

failsafecan be found north of itExodus Black landing zoneexistNaxos, among the wreckage of the crashed ship.

patrolIt can be found by exiting your ghost and looking for the gray diamond icon. Approach and interact with the lighthouse to get started.

missing sectorsis a hidden area full of enemies, and at the end there is a boss guarding a chest. you can findmissing sectorsLook for an icon with two arcs in a circle on the map and enter the world.

All Guardian Level 4: Scouting Challenge

light subclass

  • Complete the "Light of Learning" quest.
  • Buy 2 facets from Ikora Rey.
  • Buy 3 shards from Ikora Rey.
  • Complete Ikora Rey's light subclass quest.

thislight of learningThis quest can be obtained or continued atlaunch siteand will unlock the ability to customize Light subclasses.

Ikola Reiallowablemarketa parttower. buy twoaspectand threefragmentsFor any subcategory here and get the subcategory task. Although you only need to complete one to winRank 4, you will need all subclasses later.


  • Talk to Banshee-44.
  • Collect shimmer.
  • Collect 9 Legendary Shards.
  • Complete Gunsmith Bounties to earn Upgrade Cores.
  • Buy weapons from Banshee-44.

Banshee 44can be found in its main sectiontower, work behind the counter on the right as soon as you respawn inside. Buy the gun you like, buy a suitable onegenerousfrom him.

Legendary shards are obtained by dismantlinglegendary equipment, which are objects with a purple background. You can also take them apartexotic(yellow) tools, although you should generally leave them allexoticas a new player.

shineyesdestiny 2It is the primary currency and the closest thing to money. You can earn Glimmer by doing almost anything including defeating enemies, completing bounties, looting chests, dismantling equipment and participating inpublic event.

gear modification

  • Apply shaders to your rig.
  • Equip your Ghost with an Economy or Tracking mod.

shadercan be applied by selectingdetailIn one tool, down toArmor Cosmeticssection and hover over the first option to select a shader. You can also apply shaders to all your rigsAppearance customizationa partfeaturesmenu.

Attach the mod to yourghost, to open the character menu, hover over yourselfghost,and selectdetail.monitorThe mod equips in the second part, whileEconomymods can be attached to a third.

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All Guardian Rank 5: Adventurer's Challenge

Strange task

  • Complete the "Fire of Hope" exotic weapon quest to get the Riskrunner.
  • After obtaining the Riskrunner Catalyst, open the Riskrunner's weapon details and apply the Catalyst to the weapon.

this"Spark of Hope"Search can be done fromShao Haninsidelaunch siteor recycled fromterminalinsidetower.

after finishingspark of hope, you will be rewarded withRiskrunner Strange Weaponand its catalyst. To connect with his catalyst, please meet himdetailand select the second option belowweapon mods.


  • Receive 4 Vanguard bounties from Commander Zavala.
  • Complete Operation Vanguard.
  • Complete 2 Vanguard perks in Vanguard Ops.
  • Commend the other 2 players in Vanguard Ops.
  • Learn about the Forge from Lord Shaxx.
  • Learn about Gambit from Drifter.

Like it or not, you've probably come acrossRubbishAlready, but just in case you haven't, he's the big bald blue guy thinking on his edgetower.get at least fourbountyfill media from himPioneer action, by accessingvanguarda partdestinationear.

at the endPioneer actionAs with most other activities, you can commend someone you've played with on the commendation screen and choose a card. You can't compliment a friend, no matter how good they are.

Lord Shaxbravely stand behindVagueinsidetower patioalthoughwandering aimlesslyhiding in a dark corner near himappendix landing zone.


  • Increase the number of Legendary weapons in your collection to 9.
  • Increase the number of legendary armors in your collection to 10.

mythWeapons and armor have a purple background and are the highest quality equipmentexotic.These can be obtained as random drops, event rewards, or purchased from vendors. To complete the two Rank 5 steps, you need to collect nineUniquegun and tenUniquearmor pieces.

Guardian Level 6: Veteran

gear stages

  • Equip mods in socket specific armor.
  • Doubles the power level of a piece of armor.
  • Doubles the mastery level of a weapon.
  • Obtain an Enhanced Prism.

To equip mods on armor pieces, use thefeaturesmenu, selectdetailand select a mod belowarmor mod.The first mod slot isGeneraland do not count towards this obligation.

Increasing the power level of armor can also be done atdetailunited by itinspireFeatures found inarmor modUnite.

arrivemasterpieceweapon, choose onemythweapons thendetail.hover over itTier X Weaponbox inweapon modsparts and upgrade your weapons to the highest level.proficientWeapons will have gold borders.

reinforced prismavailable fromnight, thisseason ticket, asreputationRank rewards, purchased fromRahul, or occasionally when removing tools.


  • Increased power of the 1750 soft top.
  • Complete 2 weeks of Vendor Challenges for great rewards.

Any equipment you acquire can increase yourstrengthlevel until you reachsoft top.make sure you equip orinspireYour strongest gear until you reach 1750strength.You can read more about Soft, Strong and Pinnacle hats in our guide.

supplier challengecan be found by hovering over the suppliermap.Most of them require completing several bounties and powerful gear rewards from that particular vendor.


  • Talk to Saint-14 to learn about the Trials of Osiris.

wayward dove titan,St. 14,it is inhangara parttower- the icon on the far right when openedmap.

Full Guardian Level 7: Elite Challenge

Rank 7and above are consideredadvanced leveland will reset to the beginning of eachtime.get on trend because you definitely need to get stripes to stand out in the seaRank 6blueberry.

Due to other challenges that cannot currently be completed before the season progresses,Rank 7is the highest possible achievementGuard rank.


  • Complete the Lightfall campaign.
  • Improve your supplier reputation with Nimbus on Neomuna at "3".
  • Complete the Lightfall campaign weekly quests in Neomuna.

thislighthouseThe activity requireslighthouseExpansion - who would have thought? Your supplier's reputation by the time you complete this activitycloudIt's past three o'clock.

"weekly"lighthousecampaign mission' by openingnew munaThe map after completing the campaign. This quest rotates weekly and featuresModifierand three different difficulties.

against the season

  • Increase your season rank to "7".
  • Complete 4 seasonal challenges for this season.
  • Increase your reputation level with the War Table.
  • Purchase upgrades from the War Table.
  • Defeat 50 targets with the exotic bow Verglas Curve.
  • 4x your reputation with Vanguard Ops, Crucible or Gambit vendors.

yourseason standingsit is inseason 20tab and increase by gaining XP. complete fourseasonal challengeThis mod you need will get you there in no time.

reputation can be increasedbattle tableinside of -steering wheel.Complete bounties and related seasonal events and quests.War Table upgrades can be purchased using upgrade tokens, through a specificseasonal challengeandQuest "Awakening, Queen's Guard"., we strongly encourage you to fill in.

ice curveearn directlyseason ticketholder orSeason 35 Rankingon free track. Any enemy can be killed to progress in this challenge - go crazy!

reputation andRubbish,sax, thiswandering aimlesslyEveryone contributes to your challenge. No need to play favorites.

seasonal artifact

  • Get the current seasonal artifact.
  • Activate Seasonal Artifact's 5 perks.
  • Increased strength bonus of seasonal artifacts.

thisseasonal artifact, thisAscendant, taken in the early yearslighthouseActivity. Earning XP will unlock newArtifact Perks, it can be equipped withfeaturesmenu. yourstrengthBonuses are also automatically increased.


  • Complete 3 Nightfalls with subclasses matching the current wavenumber.
  • Complete Nightfalls and earn two Platinum rewards.

duskcan visitvanguarda partdestinationear. Current additions can be found by selectingduskand hover over itModifier.

platinumis earned when eachchampionIon was successfully defeatedin adusk.


  • Stun 6 unstoppable champions.
  • Stun 6 barrier champions.
  • Stun 6 Overload Champions.

Champions can be stunned by using certain weapon traits to damage them or subject them to certain conditions. want to know more excitingchampion, visit our guideWeaknesses of all champions in Destiny 2.


  • Honor five other players in the Nightfall event.
  • Increase your positive score to 460.

at the enddusk, entercommendView and compliment your other membersfire brigade.The more praise you receive, the higher your praise score - so be sure to stick around at the end of each activity.

missing sectors

  • Complete Legend Lost Sectors solo.
  • Complete a Legendary Lost Sector alone without dying.

lost sector of legendthey are hardmissing sectorsthis functionchampionand stronger enemies. Featuredlost sector of legendIt changes daily and has a recommended strength1830.Don't forget to turn yourfire brigadeDo it privately while attempting these challenges.


  • Increase your strength to the mighty limit of 1800.
  • Earn 2 top-tier rewards from weekly Gambit, Nightfall or Crucible challenges.

After reaching the soft cap, earnstrongandpeakRewards are the only way to get there1800 power.check eachdestinationFind weekly events and challenges with these rewards.

first step,crucible,anddusk peakreward indestinationtab and reset every Tuesday.

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All Guardian Level 8: Justicar Challenge

you must visitironwood treeinsidetowerclaimRank 7they startRank 8challenge. You will also receive a sparkling yellow light for your efforts.


  • Complete the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty(divided into two parts).
  • Get 6 reputation rewards from Nimbus.
  • Complete 3 weekly campaign missions in the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty with a 100k raid rating.

Lightfall Eventscan play againmythdifficultyCrescent map, this challenge can be completed alone or with other players.

cloudPrestige can be increased by completing thembountysoldnew muna.

Weekly campaign missions are also available atnew munaThe more difficult the map, the better your chances of getting a high score.

against the season

  • Earn twenty season points.
  • Complete ten seasonal challenges.
  • Complete the current seasonal event or Exotic quest on maximum difficulty.

Seasonal points are earned by earning XP, though you may be beatenseasonal Rank 20until the moment you winGuard rank 6.

ten o'clockseasonal challengeIntroduced weekly, weekly challenges contribute to that challenge.

you can finishTask "Variable" (Vexcalibur).existlegendary difficultyto achieve the final goal.


  • Complete Nightfall on Legendary difficulty.
  • Complete Nightfall on Legend difficulty and earn a Platinum reward.
  • Complete the Legendary Nightfall with a score of 130,000 or higher.

duskexistmythDifficulty is recommendedstrengthhis level1830.You also need to score 13000 points and beat everychampionin the selectionduskComplete each challenge in this section.

game over

  • Complete the "Fall of Kings" raid.
  • Complete the "Duality" dungeon.
  • Complete the "Watcher's Tower" dungeon.
  • Complete the "Nightmare Origins" raid.

thiskingfall raidcan visitlegenda partdestinationtab and have a suggestionstrengthhis level1600.

dualitycan visitmoonmapAbandoned Leviathansection, and there is a suggestionstrengthhis level1600.

Watcher's Towercan visitSavathun's Throne Worldmap toMarssection, and there is a suggestionstrengthhis level1600。

root of nightmareIs the latest Destiny 2 raid and you can access itby Xincunmap. recommendedstrengthhis level1700.


  • Increase the number of exotic weapons in your collection to 15.
  • Collect 15 Exotic armor pieces.
  • Fight for the title.

exoticweapons andexoticArmor can be obtained through random drops,lost sector of legend, event rewards and passing special tasks such as"Unfinished business."

titleYou can win by completing a masterandSharpshooterArguably the easiest title.


  • Give or receive 10 Commendations in Raids, Dungeons, or Mismatched Nightfalls.
  • Get 790 positive ratings.

Unfortunately, giving or receiving praise is not as retroactive as most thingsGuard rankchallenge.

Full Guardian Level 9: Conqueror Challenge

against the season

  • Get 50 Season Ranks.
  • Buy 8 upgrades from the War Table.
  • Complete 20 seasonal challenges.


  • Complete Nightfall on Master difficulty or higher.
  • Complete Nightfall on Master difficulty or higher with a score of 200,000 or higher.

missing sectors

  • Complete five Master Lost Sectors alone.
  • Complete a Lost Masters area alone without dying.


  • Complete the Shattered Throne dungeon.
  • Complete the "Heretical Depths" dungeon.
  • Complete the "Prophecy" dungeon.
  • Complete the "Grasp of Greed" dungeon.


  • Complete the "Whiplash" raid.
  • Complete the "Gardens of Salvation" raid.
  • Complete the "Deepstone Crypt" raid.
  • Complete the "Disciple Pledge" raid.
  • Complete the "Fall of Kings" raid.
  • Finish "root of nightmare"Assault.
  • Complete the "Glass Dome" raid.


  • Increases your strength to a cap of 1810.
  • Increase your seasonal artifact power bonus to +12 or more.


  • Increase your positive score to 1290 or higher.
  • Honor 50 players in a Raid or Dungeon.


  • Collect twenty pieces of exotic armor.
  • Collect 85 exotic weapons.
  • claim 2.

All Guardians Level 10: Paragon Challenge

against the season

  • Get 80 seasonal lessons.
  • Complete 30 seasonal challenges.


  • Complete Selected Nightfall on Grandmaster difficulty.
  • Complete Grandmaster Nightfall with a high score.


  • Unlocks all dark subclasses.
  • Collect 5 Stasis Shards.
  • Collect 5 bracket fragments for a single character.
  • Equip the Dark subclass to complete Grandmaster Nightfall.


  • Achieve a commendation score of 1,530 or above.
  • Earn 100 Ally and Leadership commendations.


  • Fully master 25 exotic weapons.
  • Collect 30 Exotic armor pieces.
  • Earn 5 titles.

All Guardian Level 11: Paragon Challenge (Maximum Level)

Rank 11is the maximumGuard rankexistagainst the season.

I do not care

  • Complete the newest dungeon on Master difficulty.
  • [modified challenge]


  • Earning the title of Conqueror requires completing victories.
  • Complete victory is required to plate the title of Conqueror.


  • 1,800 positive reviews
  • Earn 200 Ally and Leadership Commendations


  • Earn 7 titles.

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